2011 Winter-Spring Sundays AAA-SF Playoff Bracket

WED 3/30 (4:15PM) — We’re down to our Final Three. Pretty straightforward here. Please keep in mind, we have our annual LA Showcase tournament on Apr 16-17. We may implement the champion of this division from Dream League to face an equivalent champion from PacRimSports for that weekend. Not sure yet, though.

If the Poorcats lose this Sun 4/3, we’ll come back and repeat the championship game next Sun 4/10.

2011 Winter-Spring Sundays AAA-SF Playoff Bracket for 4/3

TUE 3/22 (2:00PM) — Here’s the updated bracket for 3/27. Notice that the Losers Bracket has a mini-final-four. Should be pretty straightforward, albeit I do have my hands tied this Sun 3/27 because we do not have ISAH available as a gym. I have to fit everything in to MDLS, so some teams might be slightly outside of timeframe…

2011 Winter-Spring Sundays AAA-SF Playoff Bracket for 3/27

TUE 3/15 (9:15PM) — Here’s the playoff brackets for this Sun 3/20. The dates are also included so you can see the plan for the remainder of the playoffs. You can see that the Losers’ Bracket (LB) features high-seed vs low-seed and it could very well change shape a little depending on the matchups, but bottom line is, 3/27 will have a “mini-final-four” (doubleheader for survivors) in the LB.

Normally I like to avoid having any repeat matchups in the Losers’ Bracket because it would render the first meeting sort of irrelevant. But this Sun 3/20, we have no choice. I haven’t seen a 9-team double-elimination bracket in a long time, and here we see the inherent flaw. Both the #8 and #9 seeds lost, and in the LB we need to dwindle down to one survivor by 3/27, to face the last team to be bumped from the Winners’ Bracket, on 4/3 (see below).

So we have 5 teams stuck in the LB on 3/20 and the only way to make it fair for the top 3 seeds is for the bottom two seeds (#8 and #9 in this case) to face each other first before moving on. Hence, we get our repeat matchup from last week, #8 SF Warriors vs #9 Elite. The 3/13 matchup last week therefore seems “irrelevant”.

But remember, Elite (and SF Warriors) had their crack at the open door. Had Elite found a way to bust through and take the #1 seed’s Winners’ Bracket position, they would have been just two more wins away from reaching the Championship. So, it wasn’t like last week’s opening round was all for naught. Again, I haven’t seen a 9-team double-elimination bracket in a long time. I don’t recall the last time we’ve had such a repeat matchup, it happens so rarely.

You can see that the new winner of #8 vs #9 then faces the highest seed remaining in the LB. Therefore, the 5 teams on 3/20 will dwindle down to 2 teams, to be joined by the 2 losers on 3/20, to make up that “mini-final-four” in the LB on 3/27. The mini-final-four would be matched according to high vs low seeds and could very well change the shape of the LB a little bit, depending on the seeds.

We’ve got an issue with ISAH gym coming up (unavailable 3/27 and 4/3 for re-flooring), but if we’re lucky we may be able to avoid postponing any games if we can squeeze in MDLS or a backup gym.

Incidentally, we’re having our annual LA Showcase tournament on Apr 16-17 in LA, which should not interfere with our Sunday league here; hope you can make it.

UPDATE: Oops, the graphic says “AL/NL” instead of “AAA-SF”. I’ll fix it next week.

2011 Winter-Spring Sundays AAA-SF Playoff Bracket