2011 Winter-Spring Sundays 6FT-SJ Playoff Bracket

WED 3/30 (4:30PM) — Had a little debate in regards to the matchup of seeds in the Losers Bracket. BBOF was trying to justify having a different bracket setup, specifically #3 vs #1 and #5 vs #8 but I just cannot get past the following. First, if #1 vs #8 occurs again, then it renders their first meeting irrelevant, and we have another option to avoid that. Secondly, it is a mini-final-four down there in the Losers Bracket. Just like Butler-VCU and UK-UConn, the winner had to beat the 2nd-best team at some point anyways, be it in the first matchup or the second matchup. And we’re only talking the Losers Bracket here. The winner gets the right to face the loser of the Winners Bracket game. It’s not like our winner of this mini-final-four gets a bonus for being on television Monday night.

Furthermore, we’ve done this every year for the past ten years. This is the first time I’ve heard it challenged. Quite simply, the #8 team is gonna say, “Wait, we beat them already. We have to beat them again when there’s another combination out there?” I agree. And I’ve been in those bogus tournaments where you had to play against the same team you beat already due to some quirk. Always hated that. That’s why in Dream League we do it the way we do it.

I would also like to point out that our processes are purely mathematical. If #1 vs #8 is a repeat matchup, then to avoid the repeat matchup, you goto the next highest seed. Therefore, it’s #1 vs #5. There’s no thinking involved. I’m not going to sit here and create a more complicated equation for next season’s bracket to abide by. Why would it be any different?

And yet, I still offered to agree to go against the pre-established mathematical formula by offering a vote. But I sure as hell am not expending more energy to administer the vote. I gave the team the phone numbers and emails of the other three captains. I’m more than happy to appease the democratic vote of the teams involved in any issue, as long as it is done in a reasonable timeframe and does not disrupt normal Dream League operations.

2011 Winter-Spring Sundays 6FT-SJ Playoff Bracket for 4/3

FRI 3/25 (12:15PM) — So we had to skip a week (last Sun 3/20) due to the gym closure at PHHS. The bracket doesn’t change except for the dates…

2011 Winter-Spring Sundays 6FT-SJ Playoff Brackets for 3/27

TUE 3/15 (11:15PM) — In 6FT-SJ, we have “The Beast” aka the 11-team playoff bracket (see below). The dates are also included so you can see the plan for the remainder of the playoffs. You can see that the Losers’ Bracket (LB) features high-seed vs low-seed and it could very well change shape a little depending on the matchups, but bottom line is, 3/27 will have a “mini-final-four” (doubleheader for survivors) in the LB.

That means this Sun 3/20, we have 7 teams in the LB and we need to dwindle that down to 2, to be joined by the 2 losers of the Winners’ Bracket from 3/20. Hence, the “mini-final-four” on 3/27 in the LB. To go from 7 teams to 2, we start with the #1 seed, which unfortunately lost on 3/13. They get to skip what would have been the first game, and on top of that, face the worst seed(s) remaining. Therefore, we have the #10 vs #11 matchup.

On the other side of the LB, we have the remaining four “middle” seeds going at it. Winners will have to face each other and advance. Again, we will have two LB teams left over after 3/20, with the two from the Winners Bracket joining them for 4 total LB teams heading into 3/27.

Incidentally, we’re having our annual LA Showcase tournament on Apr 16-17 in LA, which should not interfere with our Sunday league here; hope you can make it.

2011 Winter-Spring Sundays 6FT-SJ Playoff Bracket