2011 Winter-Spring Sundays 6FT-OSF Playoff Bracket

WED 3/30 (4:45PM) — We’re down to our Final Three. Pretty straightforward here. Please keep in mind, we have our annual LA Showcase tournament on Apr 16-17. We may implement the champion of this division from Dream League to face an equivalent champion from PacRimSports for that weekend. Not sure yet, though.

If the Wolves lose this Sun 4/3, we’ll come back and repeat the championship game next Sun 4/10.

2011 Winter-Spring Sundays 6FT-OSF Playoff Bracket for 4/3

FRI 3/25 (12:30PM) — Here’s the updated playoff brackets for this Sun 3/27. You can see that in the Losers Bracket, we are in “mini-final-four” mode now. The reason why it’s not matched up as #1 vs #8 and #2 vs #7 is because we already had that matchup previously, and switching it up doesn’t make it overly unfair. If we matchup #1/#8 and #2/#7 again, then it renders the first matchup in this double-elimination tournament irrelevant, plus not repeating that helps in the “schedule diversity” philosophy. Finally, in a mini-final-four matchup, unless you are matching up the two best teams the first time, you’ll end up with the two best teams after the double-header (i.e., #1 vs #7 and #2 vs #8 ain’t all that bad)…

2011 Winter-Spring Sundays 6FT-OSF Playoff Bracket for 3/27

WED 3/16 (1:15AM) — Here’s the playoff brackets for this Sun 3/20. The dates are also included so you can see the plan for the remainder of the playoffs. You can see that the Losers’ Bracket (LB) features high-seed vs low-seed and it could very well change shape a little depending on the matchups, but bottom line is, 3/27 will have a “mini-final-four” (doubleheader for survivors) in the LB.

So we have 5 teams stuck in the LB on 3/20. You can see that the winner of #6 vs #9 low seeds then faces the highest seed remaining in the LB, which happens to be #1 Sqad Up which got sent to the LB by #8 Hangover. Therefore, the 5 teams on 3/20 will dwindle down to 2 teams, to be joined by the 2 losers on 3/20, to make up that “mini-final-four” in the LB on 3/27. The mini-final-four would be matched according to high vs low seeds and could very well change the shape of the LB a little bit, depending on the seeds.

We’ve got an issue with ISAH gym coming up (unavailable 3/27 and 4/3 for re-flooring), but if we’re lucky we may be able to avoid postponing any games if we can squeeze in MDLS or a backup gym. As such, I may be leaning heavily towards SF for this Sun 3/20, knowing that I may be forced to stick with only OAK gyms on 3/27 and 4/3.

Actually, 4/3 is an issue for Oakland due to the Rebels AAU tournament, which is supposed to be using all the same gyms that we use. We’ll just have to see how things shake out.

Incidentally, we’re having our annual LA Showcase tournament on Apr 16-17 in LA, which barring unforeseen circumstances, should not interfere with our Sunday league here; hope you can make it.

2011 Winter-Spring Sundays 6FT-OSF Playoff Bracket