Saturday SF Bird’s Eye View Schedule for 3/26 (no games, ppd)

TUE 3/29 (12:15PM) — No teams could agree to play on Sat at MDLS late, so there were no games last Sat 3/26 and there will be no games this Sat 4/2, either.

We will pick back up on Sat 4/9. Hopefully the construction at ISAH is going well such that we will have a new floor waiting for us.

WED 3/23 (12:15PM) — The following message was sent to all remaining Saturday captains. It asks if any teams want to play this Sat 3/26 after 7p or Sat 4/2 after 6p at our other gym, MDLS. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to scramble for an all-day gym on Sat 4/2. Worst case, we reconvene at ISAH on Sat 4/9.

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With ISAH re-flooring its gym the next two weekends, I tried hard to find another gym for this Sat 3/26, but the only thing that’s available is this Sat 3/26 after 7p at MDLS and Sat 4/2 after 6p.  There are girls’ bball games all day at MDLS, unfortunately.
Btw, the ISAH principal did not tell me about the gym closure until late last week.
So here are the matchups for the first round round of playoffs for 6FT+1, and the next round for REC…
6ft+1 playoffs1a: #9 3’s Up at #8 Monstars
6ft+1 playoffs1b: Winner-3sUp/Mons at #1 Money Tree
6ft+1 playoffs1: #7 Average Joes at #2 Prodigy
6ft+1 playoffs1: #6 BadDream at #3 Eagles
6ft+1 playoffs1: #5 All-Stars at #4 Bad News
(the next round for 6FT+1 would be the final four plus championship, or 3 games remaining)
rec p2: #5 Wolverines at #1 DTF
rec p2: #6 The City at #2 Squadron
(the next round for REC would simply be the Championship)
With the limited availability at MDLS, let’s assume the majority of us aren’t able to play until Sat 4/9.
QUESTION: That being said, who wants to play 3/26 after 7p or 4/2 after 6p?
Please note, if you do play on 3/26 or 4/2, you are essentially taking a game before 4/9.  Therefore, you may have to wait for the other teams to catch up, which would be 4/16 for the next subsequent round.  We can keep pushing it out if need be.
Another solution is to play on Sun 4/3.  So, keep that in mind as you weigh your different options.  Please be reminded that you would need buy-in from your opponent, then the greater remaining community of teams, too.
Of course, for example, this maybe be slightly different for the REC, which only has four teams left.  Theoretically they could get their whole season done by 4/9 if they really wanted to, with buy-in from all 4 teams.
Let me know, sorry for the gym problems, and thanks for your patience…

TUE 3/22 (2:45PM) — As all captains have been emailed, we are currently exploring backup options to the gym because ISAH is closed on 3/26 and 4/2 for floor re-surfacing.  As of this writing, our backup solution has about a 40% chance of being secured.

In the meantime, use the League Navigator or Search Box to look at any updates regarding matchups on the Standings or Playoff Brackets for 6FT+1 and/or REC. We expect to have these updates up by tomorrow Wednesday. Thanks for your patience.