2011 Winter-Spring SF Saturdays 6FT+1 Standings

WED 3/23 (11:30AM) — Here are the playoff seeds…

  1. MoneyTree (6-0) — won Eastern Conference
  2. Prodigy (5-1) — won Western Conference
  3. Eagles (4-2) — won head-to-head vs Bad News
  4. Bad News (4-2) — lost head-to-head vs Eagles
  5. iPartyEvents.com All-Stars (3-3)
  6. BadDream (2-4) — no h2h vs AvgJ, tied common opp (2-4) vs Avg, won strength-of-victory 15.5 vs AvgJ
  7. Average Joes (2-4) — no h22 vs BDrm, tied common opp (2-4) vs BDrm, lost strength-of-victory 15.0 vs BDrm
  8. Monstars (1-5)
  9. 3’s Up (0-6)

In Dream League, we use NFL Wild-Card tiebreakers since there are a limited amount of games to compare with (NFL = 16 games, of course). The first tiebreaker is W-L, then head-to-head result, then record vs common opponents, then the so-called “strength-of-victory”, which we interpret as point differential in games won. Interpreting as such leaves us a fall-back tiebreaker with overall point-differential, in case the teams are still deadlocked after strength-of-victory — this has happened maybe once or twice in Dream League’s history.

The other thing that we do is cap blowouts at 20 points. This is a sportsmanship/safety issue. We’ve had situations in the past with no cap on blowout point differentials where the winning team would arbitrarily shoot a 35-foot three-pointer and the losing team would purposely hard-foul that guy for taking what could be considered an unsportsmanlike shot. We don’t want that in Dream League, hence the cap on blowouts.

With the comparison between BadDream and Average Joes, it turns out that neither team faced each other head-to-head, and they all played against the same 6 other teams. So essentially they were tied with the common opponents tiebreaker at 2-4, since all common opponents were all 6 teams they played against each. Therefore, we go to strength-of-victory.

Both teams blew out 3’s Up, but BadDream ended up beating Monstars by 11, while Average Joes beat the same Monstars by 10. That was the difference in the final calculation of point differential in games won.

Remember, #8 vs #9 occurs first, then the winner will play #1. It is a single-elimination playoff tournament.

I will email all the captains as it relates to the ISAH gym closures on 3/26 and 4/2. We do have MDLS as a backup, but only for extremely limited times. Please check the Bird’s Eye schedule page for updates.

TUE 3/15 (12:30PM) — Here are the current standings for the SF Saturday 6FT+1 division. In the playoffs (single-elimination), the #8 and #9 seeds will need to play a “play-in” for the right to play against the #1 seed. That means the winner of #8 vs #9 will have a doubleheader that day.

Currently, we are having gym issues for Sat 3/26, so that may affect our playoff scheduling. Please keep checking this website for updates on that, or have your captain email the Commish for further questions.

[iframe http://www.dreamleague.org/season/standings_embed.php?season_id=2296 725 800]