2011 Winter-Spring SF Saturdays REC Standings

TUE 3/15 (12:15PM) — Sorry, I should’ve put this Standings page up long ago, but here we are at the cusp of the playoffs (single-elimination only!) and it’s time to determine playoff seeds. We do this by using the NFL Wild-Card tiebreaker system, which is pretty good in the context of a limited game schedule (NFL = 16 games, obviously).

First, note that we only have 7 teams heading into the playoffs. There was some internal debate as to whether or not it would be better to add an 8th team, 3’s Up from the 6FT+1 division, since they were routinely getting beat by 30 in that division and my scorekeeper and referees (who have seen every one of their games) were suggesting that they might have signed up for the wrong division. Obviously, we are not trying to diss this team; we are merely trying to find ways to make their basketball experience more enjoyable. I mean, they are only the 3,427th Dream League team to have accidentally entered a division which was not a good fit for their caliber — it happens.

But due to scheduling issues, especially with the fact that the 6FT+1 and REC playoffs are not starting at the same time, I decided to keep 3’s Up in the 6FT+1. Doing so, btw, would actually afford them perhaps a mathematically better shot at winning a playoff game, as the #8 vs #9 teams need to play a play-in in the 6FT+1.

So with 7 teams, that means in the traditional high-seed vs low-seed setup, there is no #8 seed for the #1 seed to play against, therefore the #1 seed will get a bye in this opening round this Sat 3/19.

Here we go. Please note, the standings grid you see below (scroll down) does not know how to do tiebreakers, so it just lists tied teams alphabetically. This list here is the real final seedings…

  1. DTF (5-1) — best record
  2. iParty Squadron (4-2) — tied head-to-head vs BOC, won common opp 3-0 (City/DTF/Aub) vs BOC
  3. BOC (4-2) — tied head-to-head vs iParty Squadron, lost common opp 2-1 (City/DTF/Aub) vs iParty Squadron
  4. Kings (3-3)
  5. Wolverines (2-4) — won head-to-head vs The City
  6. The City (2-4) — lost head-to-head vs Wolverines
  7. Aubergine (1-5)

iParty and BOC both beat each other in their two head-to-head meetings. So the next NFL tiebreaker is record against common opponents. Against three common opponents, the difference was iParty’s win over first-place DTF coupled with BOC’s loss to DTF. iParty’s other loss came at the hands of the Kings, who as it turns out did not play against BOC in the regular season.

Therefore, we have the following matchups for this Sat 3/19…

  • playoffs1: bye: #1 DTF
  • playoffs1: #7 Aubergine at #2 iPartyEvents.com Squadron
  • playoffs1: #6 The City at #3 BOC
  • playoffs1: #5 Wolverines at #4 Kings

You will see this when I post the Bird’s Eye View Schedule for Sat 3/19 in the next 24 hours.

[iframe http://www.dreamleague.org/season/standings_embed.php?season_id=2297 725 800]