Sunday Bird’s Eye View Schedule for 3/13

Don’t forget it’s Daylight Savings this Sun 3/13, i.e., “Spring Forward”


SAT 3/12 (8:45AM) — Here’s the list of major tipoff issues for this Sun 3/13…

  • rec-sf SFWR/Roya – in potential dh, SFWR 1st game not in timeframe, Roya 2nd game not in timeframe
  • aaa-sf ESF/SFWA – in potential dh, SFWA 1st game not in timeframe, ESF 2nd game not in timeframe
  • aaa-sf MAS – 3p midpoint rule
  • rec-sf MnyS/ASNG/R&K – 130p due to Rothstein 330p outside timeframe, 3p midpoint rule
  • aaa-oak WlfP/City – split diff at 12p compared to 2p.
  • a/r-oak MID/Drgn – winner plays at another gym, due to other teams’ overlaps
  • a/r-oak Undrafted – 3p midpoint rule, also due to scorekeeping staffing issues
  • 6ft-osf Blitzkrieg – 4p due to player overlaps
  • a/r-oak Kurr/Udft/DrAR – 2nd game at 6p due to scorekeeping staffing issues
  • a/r-oak MID/Drgn/SQ – 2nd game at 4p outside SQ timeframe due to SQ player overlaps
  • 6ft-sj In10/SJB/Buck – 130p/330p setup is best compromise between 3 teams
  • 6ft-sj Bchw/Gotm – Bchw 1st game outside timeframe, Gotm 2nd game (if they win) outside timeframe
  • 6ft-sj BBOF/Hvy – split difference of completely opposite timeframes
  • aaa-sj EBG/Shoh – no other time slots avail, EBG did not follow protocol on their special request (>6p), which would not have yielded a solution anyways

FRI 3/11 (8:30AM) — Final schedule posted below, scroll down. I’ll explain all the issues that we had soon. Luckily, a lot of overlaps okay, so take the good with the bad. Also moved previous posts down below the schedule table.

Be sure to read the list of doubleheaders below! Craziest quirk: Winner of FTA/Hangover in SF travels to OAK. Winner of Make It Drizzle vs Dragon also goes to another gym. Just tons of complications this week, which explains the late posting. More on these issues later.

Again, it behooves you to check your division standings page on this site to get the explanation on playoff seeds and matchups. Use the League Navigator widget on the righthand column or use the Search Box.

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3/13 rec-sf CHiP >330p
3/13 aaa-oak WlfP 430p
3/13 6ft-sj Bchw 4p
3/13 6ft-sj SJB =2-3p,>5p
3/13 a/r-oak Jizz >4p
3/13 6ft-osf Falc >7p
3/13 6ft-sj Hvy >6p
3/13 aaa-sf SFWA >3p
3/13 rec-am Hwks =early

(to be added soon)

BYES FOR 3/13 (*-natural)
AL/NL: (none)
aaa-sj: #1 Outl, #2 SJHA
aaa-sf: (none)
aaa-oak: (none)
6ft-sj: (none)
6ft-osf: (none)
a/r-sj: (none)
a/r-sf: (none)
a/r-oak: (none)
rec-sf: (none)
rec-pm bye: #1 Starting 8
rec-am bye: #1 Huskies

aaa-sf dh: Winner-ESF/SFWA
6ft-osf dh: Winner-FTA/Hang
6ft-sj dh: Winner-Bchw/Gotm
6ft-sj dh: Winner-Rene/ESJ
6ft-sj dh: Winner-In10/SJB
a/r-sj dh: Winner-GmCl/Blzr
a/r-sj dh: Winner-PaEx/Dras
a/r-sj dh: Winner-WIP/BTN
a/r-oak dh: Winner-Kurr/Udft
a/r-oak dh: Winner-MID/Drgn
rec-sf dh: Winner-MnyS/ASNG
rec-sf dh: Winner-SFWR/Roya
rec-sf dh: Winner-Heat/CHiP

oak – AL/NL Tryb | aaa-oak 93TI (A.Park)
oak – AL/NL Tryb | 6ft-osf SqUp (VJ, JB)
o/sf – AL/NL MAS | a/r-oak Mrls (N.Vu)
o/sf – AL/NL MAS | rec-pm GrpS (K.Ho)
sf – AL/NL iPE | aaa-sf Jugg (L.Melton)
sf – AL/NL Rngr | rec-sf Seri (J.Siao)
oak – AL/NL Dom | rec-pm AOB (T.Xiong)
sj – aaa-sj SJHA | 6ft-sj SJH6 (all) BYE
sf – aaa-sf Jugg | TDS Eagl (J.Davis) BYE
sf – aaa-sf Poor | a/r-sf Htnk (R.Twu)
sf – aaa-sf Poor | TDS MTP (3 players) BYE
sf – aaa-sf Poor | TDS Boog (S.Caiola) BYE
sf – aaa-sf SFWA | 6ft-osf Falc (C.Senduk)
oak – aaa-oak RDrT | 6ft-osf SqUp (Somthy)
oak – aaa-oak RDrT | rec-am DrPM (W.Yuen)
oak – aaa-oak Pure | 6ft-osf Wlvs (T.Tran)
sf – 6ft-osf Falc | TDS Eagl (J.Aragon) BYE
sf – 6ft-osf Hang | a/r-sf NxLv (T.Tran)
o/sf – 6ft-osf Hang | rec-pm Haze (G.Sy)
oak – 6ft-osf Wlvs | a/r-oak Jizz (PS, S.Vo)
oak – 6ft-osf Bst | a/r-oak Grey (M.Chin)
oak – 6ft-osf BlzK | a/r-oak Kurr (D.Lew)
sj – 6ft-sj ESJ | a/r-sj BTN (H.Nguyen)
sj – 6ft-sj In10 | a/r-sj BTN (M.Austria)
sj – a/r-sj Blzr | TDS SkyN (A.Santos) BYE
oak – a/r-oak Mrls | rec-pm GrpS (T.Mai)
oak – a/r-oak DrAR | rec-am DrAM (D.Hui, MY)
oak – a/r-oak DrAR | rec-am Huff (A.Wan)
oak – a/r-oak Grey | rec-am YGun (L.Maw)
oak – a/r-oak SQ | rec-pm JS23 (K.Saetern)
oak – a/r-oak SQ | rec-pm Haze (C.Saechao)
sf – a/r-sf Wlvr | rec-sf ASNG (3 players)

Secondary overlaps
oak – AL/NL Dom | a/r-oak Mrls (T.Xiong)
sf – aaa-sf Jump | TDS Eagl (N.Ramos) BYE
sf – aaa-sf ESF | TDS Eagl (R.Abad) BYE
oak – aaa-oak RDrT | a/r-oak DrAR (AT,MY)
oak – 6ft-osf SqUp | aaa-oak 93TI (2-3 guys)
oak – 6ft-osf SqUp | a/r-oak SQ (C.Saechao, J.Phan)
oak – 6ft-osf SqUp | rec-pm LRPM (J.Vongdara)
oak – 6ft-osf SqUp | a/r-oak EBAY (J.Lee)
oak – 6ft-osf SqUp | rec-pm JS23 (J.Lee)
o/sf – a/r-sf NxLv | rec-pm Haze (G.Sy)
oak – a/r-oak Mrls | rec-pm Tone (N.Sharifi)

NOTE: If you see blank rows in the table below, there are errors; if so, please disregard the table and email me immediately.

Date Tipoff Gym Div Matchup pref1 pref2
3/13 10:00am MDLS rec-sf playoffs1a: #9 SF Warriors REC at #8 Royals 4p (12p-4p)
3/13 11:00am MDLS a/r-sf playoffs1: #8 Heatonkees at #1 Wolverines 10a-3p 10a-4p
3/13 12:00pm MDLS rec-sf playoffs1b: Winner-SFWR/Roya at #1 SFFD (4p) 9a–2p
3/13 1:00pm MDLS aaa-sf playoffs1: #7 Bay Area Ballers at #2 Poorcats 11a-4p 10a-8p
3/13 2:00pm MDLS aaa-sf playoffs1a: #9 Elite (SF) at #8 SF Warriors AAA 10a-3p (>3p)
3/13 3:00pm MDLS AL/NL playoffs1: #6 All Day at #3 Marin All-Stars 10a-3p 4p–p-
3/13 4:00pm MDLS aaa-sf playoffs1b: Winner-ESF/SFWA at #1 Frisco’s Finest (3p) 10a-3p
3/13 5:00pm MDLS a/r-sf playoffs1: #6 Full Tilt at #3 ABC Hawks 12p-5p 11a-5p
3/13 6:00pm MDLS rec-sf playoffs1: #5 Sole Legit at #4 Rebels 10a-p- 9a–p-
3/13 7:00pm MDLS aaa-sf playoffs1: #5 Jumpmen at #4 Underdogs 3p–8p 3p–5p
3/13 8:00pm MDLS AL/NL playoffs1: #8 Laggers at #1 10a-p- 5p–p-
3/13 10:30am ISAH a/r-sf playoffs1: #5 Yellow Mamba at #4 Nx Level AllStars 11a-4p 9a–2p
3/13 11:30am ISAH 6ft-osf playoffs1a: #9 FTA at #8 Hangover 11a-4p 9a–2p
3/13 12:30pm ISAH aaa-sf playoffs1: #6 Half Man Half Moron at #3 Juggernauts 9a–2p 11a-3p
3/13 1:30pm ISAH rec-sf playoffs1a: #11 Money Shooters at #6 All Show No Go 2p–p- 1p–6p
3/13 2:30pm ISAH a/r-sf playoffs1: #7 Motionz at #2 P4L 2p–7p 10a-3p
3/13 3:30pm ISAH rec-sf playoffs1b: Winner-MnyS/ASNG at #3 Rothstein & Kass [2p-6p] 9a–2p
3/13 4:30pm ISAH rec-sf playoffs1a: #10 Heat at #7 CHiPs 3p–p- (>330p)
3/13 5:30pm ISAH AL/NL playoffs1: #5 Good Sires at #4 Rangers 9a–6p 5p–p-
3/13 6:30pm ISAH rec-sf playoffs1b: Winner-Heat/CHiP at #2 Serious (>330p) 1p–1p
3/13 11:30am PCRC rec-am p1-Upper: #5 Warriors REC at #4 Redhawks 9a–2p 11a-4p
3/13 12:30pm PCRC rec-pm p1-Lower: #7 Janitors at #2 Hyperducks 1p–1p 2p–7p
3/13 1:30pm PCRC 6ft-osf playoffs1b: Winner-FTA/Hang at #1 Sqad Up [11a-2p] 1p–6p
3/13 2:30pm PCRC rec-pm p1-Lower: #5 Mix Team at #4 Purple Haze 10a-p- 3p–p-
3/13 3:30pm PCRC aaa-oak playoffs1: #7 Oakboyz II Men at #2 ReDream Team 9a–2p 4p–p-
3/13 4:30pm PCRC rec-pm p1-Upper: #8 Tone Team at #1 Dream PM 4p–p- 2p–7p
3/13 5:30pm PCRC rec-pm p1-Lower: #6 EFC Berkeley at #3 Rawkats 3p*-8p 4p–p-
3/13 9:00am BCRC rec-am p1-Lower: #6 Hawks at #3 AWA (early) 9a–2p
3/13 10:00am BCRC rec-am p1-Upper: #6 Lao Ru AM at #3 Dream AM 9a–1p 9a–1p
3/13 11:00am BCRC rec-am p1-Lower: #5 Richmond Bomberz at #4 What Would Wat Do 11a-4p 9a–a-
3/13 12:00pm BCRC aaa-oak playoffs1: #5 Wolfpack at #4 City Select (<10a,2-3p) 2p–7p
3/13 1:00pm BCRC rec-am p1-Lower: #7 Lights Out at #2 SULD 9a–1p 11a-3p
3/13 2:00pm BCRC a/r-oak playoffs1a: #10 Make It Drizzle at #7 Dragon 3p–p- 10a-3p
3/13 3:00pm BCRC a/r-oak playoffs1a: #9 Kurruption at #8 Undrafted 12p-5p (>4p)
3/13 4:00pm BCRC 6ft-osf playoffs1: #5 Eastbay Elite at #4 Blitzkrieg 4p–p- 10a-3p
3/13 5:00pm BCRC a/r-oak playoffs1: #6 Jizz at #3 Marin-lossal (>4p) FALSE
3/13 6:00pm BCRC a/r-oak playoffs1b: Winner-Kurr/Udft at #1 Dream A/R (4p-5p) 9a–2p
3/13 7:00pm BCRC 6ft-osf playoffs1: #6 Falcons at #3 Wolves (>7p) 12p-2p
3/13 8:00pm BCRC rec-pm p1-Upper: #7 Lao Ru PM at #2 Grape Soda 2p–p- 6p–6p
3/13 9:00pm BCRC rec-pm p1-Upper: #6 JS23 at #3 Minions 1p–6p 4p–p-
3/13 11:00am IJRC rec-am p1-Upper: #8 Huff And Puff at #1 Hoop Squad 9a–2p 11a-a-
3/13 12:00pm IJRC rec-am p1-Upper: #7 Kryptonite at #2 Young Gunners 11a-2p 9a–2p
3/13 1:00pm IJRC aaa-oak playoffs1: #8 Out Of Retirement at #1 Purefoods 1p-3p,6p+ (1p+ ok)
3/13 2:00pm IJRC 6ft-osf playoffs1: #2 Too Short at #7 Beast 2p–7p 10a-2p
3/13 3:00pm IJRC a/r-oak playoffs1: #5 Grey Goose at #4 EBAYC 11a-3p 10a-3p
3/13 4:00pm IJRC a/r-oak playoffs1b: Winner-MID/Drgn at #2 SQ (3p) 9a–2p
3/13 5:00pm IJRC aaa-oak playoffs1: #6 93 Til Infinity at #3 Shottas 4p–p- 4p–p-
3/13 6:00pm IJRC rec-pm p1-Upper: #5 A.O.B. at #4 Top Flight 1p–6p 4p–p-
3/13 7:00pm IJRC AL/NL playoffs1: #7 Trybe at #2 Dom A Nation (>430p) 4p–p-
3/13 12:30pm JLHS 6ft-sj playoffs1a: #9 Beechwood at #8 Gotm (<1p) 9a–2p
3/13 1:30pm JLHS 6ft-sj playoffs1a: #11 In10City at #6 SJ Barons 10a-3p (2p-3p,>5p)
3/13 2:30pm JLHS 6ft-sj playoffs1b: Winner-Bchw/Gotm at #1 San Jose Hibachi 6FT (<1p) 2p–7p
3/13 3:30pm JLHS 6ft-sj playoffs1b: Winner-In10/SJB at #3 Buckets [2p-3p] 9a–2p
3/13 4:30pm JLHS 6ft-sj playoffs1: #5 Basketballs Of Fury at #4 Hvy Rsnl 9a–2p (>6p)
3/13 5:30pm JLHS a/r-sj playoffs1a: #9 Gentlemen’s Club at #8 Blazers 9a–p- 3p–p-
3/13 6:30pm JLHS aaa-sj playoffs1a: #6 Riptide at #3 Sly 3p–p- 3p–8p
3/13 7:30pm JLHS a/r-sj playoffs1b: Winner-GmCl/Blzr at #1 One Team One Dream [3p-9p] 12p-p-
3/13 8:30pm JLHS a/r-sj playoffs1: #5 Search And Destroy at #4 Yeah Man 3p–8p 12p-p-
3/13 2:00pm PHHS aaa-sj playoffs1a: #5 East Bay Gunners at #4 Shohoku 3p–p- 10a-4p
3/13 3:00pm PHHS a/r-sj playoffs1a: #10 Pineapple Express at #7 Drastic 1p–7p 4p–p-
3/13 4:00pm PHHS 6ft-sj playoffs1a: #10 Renegades at #7 Elite (SJ) 4p–8p 3p–8p
3/13 5:00pm PHHS a/r-sj playoffs1b: Winner-PaEx/Dras at #2 F’n’F Warriors [4p-9p] 12p-5p
3/13 6:00pm PHHS a/r-sj playoffs1a: #11 Work In Progress at #6 Below The Net 4p–p- 1p–6p
3/13 8:00pm PHHS 6ft-sj playoffs1b: Winner-Rene/ESJ at #2 Running Rams [3p-8p] 1p-6p
3/13 9:00pm PHHS a/r-sj playoffs1b: Winner-WIP/BTN at #3 River Of Life Christian Church [4p-6p] 3p–8p

ISAH = ISA High School, enter back pkg lot at 19th St and Carolina, SF (going to front of school no good)
MDLS = Mission Dolores School, 3371 16th St (on corner Church St), SF, big parking lot thru gate via Church next to gym

JLHS = James Lick High School, 57 North White Rd, San Jose
PHHS = Piedmont Hills High School, 1377 Piedmont Rd, San Jose (use backlot by portables)
YBHS = Yerba Buena High School, 1855 Lucretia Avenue, San Jose

IJRC = Ira Jinkins Rec Center, 9175 Edes Ave, Oakland
BCRC = Bushrod Rec Center, 560 59th St. off Telegraph (not Shattuck!), Oakland (near Berkeley)
TFRC = Tassafaronga Rec Center, 975 85th Avenue, Oakland, CA 94621
PCRC = Poplar Community Rec Center, 3131 Union Street, Emeryville, CA 94608


FRI 3/11 (7:15AM) — I’ll have the final tipoffs up by 8:30AM today, but here’s a near-final draft. Everything is in chronological order. Remember, highly complex doubleheaders for Round 1 Playoffs, so take everything with a grain of salt, especially the games where there are tipoff conflicts in red. Still, I think we managed to dodge a lot of overlaps. Start times: MDLS morning, ISAH morning, PCRC late morning, BCRC early morning, IJRC late morning, JLHS midday, PHHS early afternoon. Scroll down!

THU 3/10 (5:15PM) — Added A/R-SJ games. About to start the first draft of the schedule. Please note, due to the many low-seed doubleheaders, overlaps may take a backseat this week… (3:15PM) — The following is far from complete. NOT in chronological order. Just a dump of the matchups straight from each of the updated STANDINGS pages (use the Search Box is probably easiest). All playoff seeds are explained on those standings pages.

Please note, due to a payment issue with One Team One Dream, I have not yet included any A/R-SJ games nor have I updated their standings page with the playoff seeds. We’ll see if they pay up in time. As such, there are no A/R-SJ games listed and no PHHS gym, although right now you could be playing at either JLHS or PHHS if you’re in SJ. I’ll add it later.

You can see a TON of bogeys in red. Usually due to the multiple doubleheaders due to the low seeds, I have no choice but to just split the difference. That’s just how it goes.

Finally please check the doubleheader and bye lists below. Overlaps will be updated later (3/6 is still shown).