2011 Winter-Spring Sundays REC-SF Standings

THU 3/10 (8:00AM) — We are adding the MoneyShooters, which went 0-6 in the A/R-SF and lost by an average of 30 points per game, as the 11th team in this division for the playoffs. They will enter at #11, for lack of a better place to put them, which forces them to face the highest seed possible in the “play-in” round.

The winners of the “play-in” games amongst the worst seeds, #6 thru #11, will move on to play against the higher seeds, all on Sun 3/13, which means there are teams subject to doubleheaders right off the bat. All the losers will reconvene in the Losers Bracket on 3/20. More on that next week.

In the old school NBA with two conferences (well, they call it divisions), they take the top teams from each conference and give them the #1 and #2 seeds. We will do the same. Plus, this alleviates some of the complications in determining tiebreakers…

  1. SFFD (5-1) — won Eastern Conference
  2. Serious (4-2) — won common opp 2-0 (Roya/Heat) vs Sole, won head-to-head vs Rebels, won Western Conference
  3. Rothstein & Kass (4-2) — lost common opp 2-2 (Roya/CHiP/Reb/SFFD) vs Seri, won common opp 2-0 (ASNG/Roya) vs Reb
  4. Rebels (4-2) — won common opp 2-0 (Roya/Heat) vs Sole, lost h2h vs Seri, lost common opponents 1-1 (ASNG/Roya) vs R&K
  5. Sole Legit (4-2) — lost common opp 1-1 (Roya/Heat) vs Reb/Seri, lost common opp 2-2 (ASNG/Roya/Reb/SFWR) vs R&K
  6. All Show No Go (3-3)
  7. CHiPs (2-4) — no head-to-head vs Royals, won common opponents 2-2 (R&K/Seri/SFWR/Heat) vs Royals
  8. Royals (2-4) — no head-to-head vs CHiPs, lost common opponents 1-3 (R&K/Seri/SFWR/Heat) vs CHiPs
  9. SF Warriors REC (1-5) — tied common opponents 1-3 (SFFD/Sole/CHiP/Roya) vs Heat, won strength-of-victory 13.0 vs Heat
  10. Heat (1-5) — tied common opponents 1-3 (SFFD/Sole/CHiP/Roya) vs SFWR, lost strength-of-victory 6.0 vs SFWR
  11. MoneyShooters (0-6) — from A/R-SF

We use the NFL Wild-Card tiebreaker system because it is the most effective in a limited game set (NFL = 16 games, obviously). When determining tiebreakers, you figure out the tiebreaker within your conference, then you compare outside the conference. This establishes the intra-conference dominance and, quite frankly, less complicates matters.

Therefore, you have the Rebels, Serious, and Sole Legit all tied within the same conference. You untangle that mess first. In head-to-head matchups, every team beat each other, so nothing can be determined by that. We next look at common opponents. Sole Legit’s loss to the Royals hurt them, and so Sole Legit cannot finish higher than either the Rebels or Serious.

Next, after eliminating the 3rd out of 3 teams, per NFL rules, we start all over with the tiebreaker system between the remaining two teams and determine that Serious beat the Rebels head-to-head, so Serious is determined to “dominate” the Rebels, which dominates Sole Legit. With Rothstein & Kass about to enter the tiebreaker picture, Sole Legit cannot finisher higher than the Rebels, which cannot finish higher than Serious.

At the same time, Serious wins the Western Conference, so they get the #2 seed. As such, there is no need to compare R&K with Serious, since SFFD finished higher in the Eastern Conference than R&K. So we go one-by-one between R&K and the Rebels, and if necessary, R&K and Sole Legit.

Looking at R&K vs the Rebels, we see that the common opponents were ASNG and Roya, and the Rebels lost to ASNG which was the difference, so R&K beats the Rebels in the common opponent tiebreaker.

In the last complicated tiebreaker, the SF Warriors REC and Heat didn’t face each other and vs common opponents both had the same record, so we had to resort to the next level for the NFL, the so-called “strength-of-victory”, which Dream League interprets as point differential in games won (rather than overall point differential). Here, in their lone win, the SFWR won by 13 while the Heat only won by 6.

TUE 2/15 (11:00AM) — The following are the current standings and playoff seeds from 2011 Winter-Spring, REC-SF division. These are simply ordered by W-L percentage then alphabetically, and therefore are not necessarily shown in the proper playoff tiebreaker order. That will be corrected when we reach the playoffs and the seeds are posted. Please be reminded that the regular season is 6 games. Check your division’s roadmap and email us if you suspect any discrepancies in the schedule/standings.

In the REC-SF, there are 10 teams. Barring unforeseen circumstances, we would have a first round playoffs that includes a “play-in” between #9 vs #8 and #7 vs #10 for the right to meet #1 and #2, respectively, the same day (i.e., a doubleheader). Please be reminded that all teams will get double-elimination status for the playoffs.

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