Welcome to the Playoffs!

Yep, we’re headed into the playoffs for the Sunday league in the Bay Area this Sun 3/13!

This is one of the most exciting aspects of Dream League: double-elimination format. We’re not sure many other leagues out there have this, and it’s a true test of grit. True to our desire to emulate the NBA at a local level, it’s probably the closest thing you’ll ever get to a playoff series format.

A team that struggled during the regular season can hit a win streak and find itself on the cusp of the championship. While a dominant team in the regular season can find itself traversing the grueling Losers Bracket to fight its way back to redemption.

Please note: I am busy hacking away at the final playoff seedings. And yes, tiebreakers will be explained in those seeding placements, on the STANDINGS pages (info here). These will all be linked and updated shortly.

It’s gonna be a crazy 48 hours! Also, don’t forget our playoff eligibility rules (please, no headaches!). Incidentally, there is an issue with eligibility, please be reminded that to file a protest is $25 (for my time in investigating), then if you win the protest, you get the $25 refunded and the team that lost the protest will be fined $25.

Thanks for your patience while I compile all the data, then schedule all the matchups.

Some teams that are overly struggling in a low division could also be moved lower. You won’t find that in any other league, I assure you.

So, beware, the schedule for this Sun 3/13 may not come out until later on Thursday. We’ll have to see how complicated things are. Alright, got to go lock myself in the war room and hash this out.

Btw, the deadline has already passed for special requests, so don’t even think about it!