2011 Winter-Spring Sundays 6FT-SJ Standings

WED 3/9 (8:00PM) — We have 11 teams in the 6FT-SJ division, and with that kind of an odd number, to not have the playoffs stretch out too long, I think we have no choice but to have the bottom seeds #6 thru #11 be subject to a doubleheader in Round 1, this Sun 3/13. Here’s what we have in terms of the seeds…

  1. SJ Hibachi 6FT (6-0) — won Western Conference
  2. Running Rams (5-1) — won Eastern Conference
  3. Buckets (4-2) — won head-to-head vs Hvy Rsnl
  4. Hvy Rsnl (4-2) — won head-to-head vs Basketballs Of Fury
  5. Basketballs Of Fury (4-2) — lost head-to-head vs Hvy Rsnl
  6. SJ Barons (3-3)
  7. Elite (SJ) (2-4) — tied common opp 1-3 vs Gotm (Bchw/SJB/RRam/SJH6), won strength-of-victory 13.5 vs Gotm
  8. Gotm (2-4) — tied common opp 1-3 vs ESJ (Bchw/SBJ/RRam/SJH6), lost strength-of-victory 4.5 vs ESJ
  9. Beechwood (1-5) — won h2h vs In10, tied common opp 1-3 vs Rene (ESJ/BBOF/SJH6/In10), won s-o-v 7.0 vs Rene
  10. Renegades (1-5) — tied common opp 1-3 vs Bchw (ESJ/BBOF/SJH6/In10), lost strength-of-victory 2.0 vs Bchw
  11. In10City (1-5) — lost head-to-head vs Beechwood, lost head-to-head vs Renegades

For Dream League, we mimic the NFL Wild-Card tiebreakers since it is a system based on a short schedule (obviously, NFL = 16 games). The tiebreakers are pretty self-explanatory until you reach Elite vs Gotm. There, they didn’t face each other head-to-head, so you goto the next NFL tiebreaker, which is record against common opponents. Both teams went 1-3 against 4 common opponents (abbreviations are listed). When those are still tied, the NFL goes to what’s called “strength of victory”.

Strength of victory is actually not really defined by the NFL and I’m sure they leave it open to interpretation. In Dream League, we assume it means point differential in games won. We feel this is an appropriate tiebreaker, because it leaves overall point differential as a potential future tiebreaker. Oh and btw, we cap all blowouts at 20 points, since we’ve actually seen borderline-unsportsmanlike activity when the point differentials get beyond 20 (i.e., safety first).

Well, Elite and Gotm only had 2 victories each, so it was pretty easy to figure out that Elite had the better strength-of-victory.

We reach a similar conclusion with Beechwood, Renegades, and In10City, all of whom are stuck at 1-5. In the NFL, you determine tiebreakers from within your conference, then you look outside. That establishes “internal dominance”. So in this case, because Beechwood beat In10City from within the same conference, we can say that In10City can never finish above Beechwood.

That being said, we know next to simply compare Beechwood to a tied team outside: the Renegades. In that comparison, we must revert to strength-of-victory once again. In Beechwood’s lone win, they won by 7 while the Renegades only won by 2.

Then with Renegades and In10City left over, you start the tiebreaker system over (per NFL rules) and you find that the Renegades beat In10City head-to-head.

OK, so now we have our #1 thru #11. You first pair #11 vs #6, and so forth like the NCAA tournament pairings. What results is that the winner of #11/#6 will meet #3, #10/#7 will meet #2, and #9/#8 will meet #1. In short, three teams will play a doubleheader this Sun 3/13.

The losers of all the games will then fall to the Losers Bracket, which will be re-arranged by seed again (highest vs lowest) on Sun 3/20. The Winners Bracket will continue as a fixed bracket.

TUE 2/15 (11:30AM) — The following are the current standings and playoff seeds from 2011 Winter-Spring, 6FT-SJ division. These are simply ordered by W-L percentage then alphabetically, and therefore are not necessarily shown in the proper playoff tiebreaker order. That will be corrected when we reach the playoffs and the seeds are posted. Please be reminded that the regular season is 6 games. Check your division’s roadmap and email us if you suspect any discrepancies in the schedule/standings.

In the 6FT-SJ, there are 11 teams. Barring unforeseen circumstances, we would have a first round playoffs that includes a “play-in” between #9 vs #8 and #7 vs #10 and #6 vs #11 for the right to meet #1 and #2 and #3, respectively, the same day (i.e., a doubleheader). Please be reminded that all teams will get double-elimination status for the playoffs.

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