2011 Winter-Spring Sundays A/R-SF Standings

WED 3/9 (9:45PM) — With a -26 point differential in 6 losses, the MoneyShooters will depart the A/R-SF and join the REC-SF for the playoffs. With that, we’ll be left with a nice round number of 8 teams for the A/R-SF playoffs…

  1. Wolverines (5-1) — won head-to-head vs P4L, won Western Conference
  2. P4L (5-1) — won head-to-head vs ABC Hawks, won Eastern Conference, lost head-to-head vs Wolverines
  3. ABC Hawks (5-1) — lost head-to-head vs P4L, cannot finish higher than P4L
  4. Nx Level All-Stars (4-2)
  5. Yellow Mamba (3-3) — won head-to-head vs Full Tilt
  6. Full Tilt (3-3) — lost head-to-head vs Yellow Mamba
  7. Motionz (1-5) — tied common opponents vs Heatonkees, won strength-of-victory 20.0 vs Heatonkees
  8. Heatonkees (1-5) — tied common opponents vs Motionz, lost strength-of-victory 15.0 vs Motionz

Using NFL tiebreakers, which are appropriate for a limited-game schedule such as Dream League (NFL = only 16 games, of course), we first look inside the conference to break the tiebreaker, then outside. As such, with P4L and ABCH deadlocked at 5-1, you find that P4L won the head-to-head matchup, therefore ABCH cannot finish higher than P4L.

Then we look outside the conference and compare to the Wolverines, who beat P4L head-to-head. And that’s how we have the #1, #2, and #3 seeds. The same thing goes throughout and at the bottom end, we have to revert to the NFL’s so-called “strength-of-victory” rule, which Dream League interprets as point differential in games won.

With Heatonkees and Motionz not playing each other all season (in the absence of a head-to-head result), I actually didn’t bother to add up the common opponents’ record for Motionz and Heatonkees because both teams had only beaten MoneyShooters, therefore they were definitely an “ofer” against the rest of the field (i.e., .000 winning percentage). So it was obvious that it would come to the point differential of that single victory against MoneyShooters. Btw, it didn’t factor in because Heatonkees “only” won by 15, but we cap all blowouts at 20 because we’ve experience unsportsmanlike conduct when teams try to keep running up the score beyond 20 (i.e., safety first).

So, it’s a pretty straightforward Round 1 on 3/13.

TUE 2/15 (11:15AM) — The following are the current standings and playoff seeds from 2011 Winter-Spring, A/R-SF division. These are simply ordered by W-L percentage then alphabetically, and therefore are not necessarily shown in the proper playoff tiebreaker order. That will be corrected when we reach the playoffs and the seeds are posted. Please be reminded that the regular season is 6 games. Check your division’s roadmap and email us if you suspect any discrepancies in the schedule/standings.

In the A/R-SF, there are 9 teams. Barring unforeseen circumstances, we would have a first round playoffs that includes a “play-in” between #9 and #8 for the right to meet #1 the same day (i.e., a doubleheader). Please be reminded that all teams will get double-elimination status for the playoffs.

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