2011 Winter-Spring Sundays AL/NL Standings

WED 3/9 (2:30PM) — The following are the playoff seeds. Why do we split #1 and #2 like in the old-school NBA? Well, because that’s how the NBA would’ve done it. Moreover, it saves me from extra work on the tiebreakers, actually (not much, but a little). So yeah, I guess it’s better to sign up for a division that has fewer teams. Btw, it sort of really doesn’t matter because we’re in double-elimination format. Also, home-away is determined by who has traveled the fewest/most between two teams, so there’s no real homecourt advantage, either.

  1. iParty (6-0) — Western Conference winner
  2. Dom A Nation (4-2) — Eastern Conference winner
  3. Marin All-Stars (5-1)
  4. Rangers (4-2)
  5. Good Sires (2-4)
  6. All Day (1-4) — only played 5 regular season games, matched up w/ Laggers and game cancelled
  7. Trybe (1-5)
  8. Laggers (0-5) — only played 5 regular season games due to financial problems

Check the roadmap and Bird’s Eye for the matchups and schedules. Under normal circumstances, it’ll be #8 vs #1 and so on.

However, we here have a special circumstance. One of the mantras of Dream League’s basketball experience is that you should have a diversity of schedule. If we pair #7 vs #2, we’ll get Dom A Nation vs Trybe, which would be their third matchup in 7 games. That’s not very diverse.

So, I’ll put #3 vs #7 and #2 vs #6, instead. And guess what, Marin was “supposed to be” #2 anyways. So I guess it worked itself out. But I hope you can be onboard with the reasoning here. No one wants to signup for a league with 8 teams and only get a chance to possibly play 5 of them (assuming next week, either Dom or Trybe could be matched up against a team they already played too).

Oh, but guess what? Marin played Trybe for the 2nd time last week too! And matching up Trybe vs #4 Rangers would just be too much of a quantum shift. So we’re back at Square One. #7 Trybe vs #2 Dom A Nation. Got no choice.

There you have my run of logic. Wild goose chase sometimes, huh?

TUE 2/15 (11:45AM) — The following are the current standings and playoff seeds from 2011 Winter-Spring, AAA-OAK division. These are simply ordered by W-L percentage then alphabetically, and therefore are not necessarily shown in the proper playoff tiebreaker order. That will be corrected when we reach the playoffs and the seeds are posted. Please be reminded that the regular season is 6 games. Check your division’s roadmap and email us if you suspect any discrepancies in the schedule/standings.

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