2011 Winter-Spring Sundays AAA-SF Standings

WED 3/9 (3:00PM) — We have 9 teams in AAA-SF, so #8 vs #9 will be a “play-in”, which means the winner of #9 vs #8 will play a doubleheader, the 2nd game being vs #1, of course. Here are the playoff seeds…

  1. Frisco’s Finest (6-0) — won Eastern Conference
  2. Poorcats (5-1) — won Western Conference
  3. Juggernauts (4-2)
  4. Underdogs (3-3) — won head-to-head vs Jumpmen
  5. Jumpmen (3-3) — lost head-to-head vs Underdogs
  6. Half Man Half Moron (2-4) — won head-to-head vs Bay Area Ballers
  7. Bay Area Ballers (2-4) — lost head-to-head vs Half Man Half Moron
  8. SF Warriors (1-5) — no head-to-head vs ESF, won common opp 1-4 (BAB/Und/Poor/FriF/Jugg) vs ESF
  9. Elite (SF) (1-5) — no head-to-head vs SFWA, lost common opp 0-5 (BAB/Und/Poor/FriF/Jugg) vs SFWA

The only tiebreaker to really talk about (and then, maybe not since they are #8 vs #9 anyways) is SFWA and ESF. It appears the SFWA win over Und last Sun 3/6 was the difference in the common opponents, so technically SFWA finishes ahead of ESF. On the other hand, it really doesn’t matter. Winner plays a doubleheader, 2nd game vs #1 Frisco. Loser goes to the Losers Bracket, which gets matched up based on highest vs lowest seed.

TUE 2/15 (11:45AM) — The following are the current standings and playoff seeds from 2011 Winter-Spring, AAA-SF division. These are simply ordered by W-L percentage then alphabetically, and therefore are not necessarily shown in the proper playoff tiebreaker order. That will be corrected when we reach the playoffs and the seeds are posted. Please be reminded that the regular season is 6 games. Check your division’s roadmap and email us if you suspect any discrepancies in the schedule/standings.

In the AAA-SF, there are 9teams. Barring unforeseen circumstances, we would have a first round playoffs that includes a “play-in” between #9 vs #8 for the right to meet #1, probably the same day (i.e., a doubleheader). Please be reminded that all teams will get double-elimination status for the playoffs.

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