Saturday SF scores from 3/5

Here are the scores from 3/5. You can get these as they are entered on Twitter (@dreamleague) or Facebook (Dream League Bay Area group).

6FT+1: BadDream 57, 3’s Up 46. Kyrpianos Kovtsokamni 20p, Ernest Oylesby 15p12r, Khan Do 5s. Mike Ramos 13p,Darren Barrun 8p,Eric Turner 8r.

6FT+1: Prodigy 65, BadNews 45… Greg Hom 21p7r, Tony Tran 16p5s, Nat Ramos 8r3a1b. Kevin Kelly 17p5r2a3s1b, Jon Law 13p, Akash Deb 6r.

6FT+1: MoneyTree 92, Monstars 52. Sean Caiola 24p, Ross Lim 20p, Johnny Liu 18p, Sunny Margate 8a. Jerwin Fajarito 16p,Nikko Hipolito 10r4a.

6FT+1: MoneyTree 77, Eagles 71. Sean Caiola 24p, Ross Lim 19p12r3b, Sunny Margate 7a. Juan Bidinger 26p, Kevin Ferraris 15p, Arj Santos 10r.

6FT+1: iParty All-Stars 69, Average Joes 56. LJ Melton 27p9r, Henry Wong 16p6r, Randy Tagle 5a. Khalid Hasri 15p, Jerry Perdiguerra 14p13r.

REC: DTF 63, Kings 54… Henry Wong 38p(1st 15 straight)14r4a3s2b, Steven Li 9p11r, Derrick Leong 5a. Ryan Tam 14p10r2b, Wally Navarez 11p.

REC: iParty Squadron 63, The City 37. Iggy Suarez 20p11r3a, Jose Bustamante 17p9r4a, Buboy Mendoza 11r2b. Randall Young 9p2b, Eugene Kim 9p.

REC: BOC 50, Aubergine 29… Joey Ho 8p5r1b, Mike Tom 8p4r, Alan Gee 2a. Nick Resch 8p14r2s1b, Justin Holder 10r, Brenner Lumang 3a.