Vote ref David Doubley to UOP’s all-century team!

One of our top refs (I’m sure you would agree), David Doubley, is up for UOP’s (University of the Pacific in Stockton) all-century team.

In case you don’t know, David is the one ref we have who looks like he used to play point guard for a Division-1 team like UOP.  In fact, in his junior and senior years (2003-05), he helped lead the Tigers to 1st-round wins in the NCAA.


…for David Doubley! Voting ends in a couple days, so please don’t delay.

Best part is, he’s from the Bay Area.  Born in Vallejo, grew up in San Leandro.

He’s a good, humble guy and would never want me to do this, but he deserves to have us get his back, so I decided to send this out, probably against his wishes.

Thanks for your support!