2011 Winter-Spring standings now posted!

The following was emailed to all captains…

Dear Dream League captains,


The standings for each division have now posted to the website.

Please note, the website is now getting very busy with content, just by the nature of having so many divisions.  As such, it is time for you, your players, and fans to start using the League Navigator widget on our new website.

Let’s take the example of finding the Standings for A/R-SF…

1. Goto http://www.drmlg.org/bay/

2. Scroll down until you see the League Navigator widget in the righthand column.

3. Select Teams/Standings under Categories, and select AAA-REC under Divisions.

4. Click on Submit.

5. From the list of articles that have attributes of Teams/Standings and AAA-REC, you will see the headline for the A/R-OAK Standings.  Click on that.

6. Voila!  You have the A/R-OAK standings in front of you.


(a) STANDINGS ARE UPDATED THROUGH 2/6 (WHICH IS REALLY 1/30 SINCE 2/6 WAS A LEAGUE-WIDE BYE).  Freddie is working on them.  He can be reached at freddie@dreamleague.org if you have any discrepancies to report.

(b) You could have easily selected OAK under Locations in Step #3 above.  That would have narrowed the search down and excluded other A/R divisions such as A/R-SJ and A/R-SF from the resulting list of articles.  Give it a try.

(c) You can actually drill down within your division standings page to your team and your stats.  (Your stats are behind schedule.  Freddie is working on them.)  Please be aware that this is not the “official” way of looking at your stats, but it is certainly a way to see them.  I will be posting “official” stats pages, similar to the Standings pages, by next week.


(1) Post the Scores and Stat Recaps from 2/13.

(2) Post the draft of the game schedule for 2/20.  Many teams have a bye, but some teams are playing, so be sure to check your Roadmap!

(3) Post the better-looking roadmaps.  The information is still there right now, though.  It’s just aesthetics.

(4) Post the Player Stats pages for each division.

(5) Post the Schedule/Scores page for each division (lists out the entire scores for each division).

(6) Post new content on the rotating entries portion at the top of the homepage.

(7) Post final articles from last season 2010 Fall.

Any questions on website navigation, let me know.