Saturday SF scores from 2/5

Standings will be up hopefully by the end of the week, pending the workload of Freddie, our website stats guy.

Meanwhile, here are the scores from 2/5. You can get these on Twitter (@dreamleague) or Facebook (Dream League Bay Area group).

6FT+1: MoneyTree 73, iParty All-Stars 60.. Ross Lim 17p, Sunny Margate 15p10r6a2b, Ryan Susanto 12p. LJ Melton 25p8r, Frank Bonaficio 12p3s.

6FT+1: Monstars 47, 3’s Up 36… Kelly Marker 13 pts 1 blk, Alex Chang 10 pts 6 reb, Philip Sy 7 reb 4 stl. Darren Barrun 19pts 3 reb 6 to.

6FT+1: Eagles 67, Bad News 45… Jose Gonzalez 20p5r3s, Juan Bidinger 14p5s2b, Arj Santos 2a. Kevin Kelly 14p6r, John Lin 10p4a, Ben Lin 7r.

REC: BOC 46, iPartyEvents Squadron 37.. Derek Wong 9p10r3s, Tim Ng 8r, Nelson Wong 2a. Iggy Suarez 20p8r2a, Nate Llorando 9p, Matt Lai 5a4s.

REC: Aubergine 54, Wolverines 41… Chuck Senduk 11p 9r, Justin Holder 10p 11r 2a 6s, Martin Coloma 10p. Long Tran 10p 6r, John Chan 9p 9r.

REC: The City 53, Kings 51… Randall Young 20p7r3a, Paul Koura 13p9r, Andrew Lim 7r. Ryan Tam 18p12r, Joe Scott 15p7r, Wally Navarez 13p4a.