Saturday SF scores from 1/22

Here were the scores from 1/22. Remember, 6FT+1 did not get started until 1/29…

rec: ipartyevents 57, aubergine 56… Iggy Suarez 15p, Jose Bustamante 13p 7r, Matt Lai 11p 11r 5a 2b. Nick Resch 13p, Chuck Senduk 12p.

rec: boc 53, wolverines 38. Tim Ng 15p, Derek Wing 10/12p in Q3, Mike Tom & Nelson Wong 8r. Chester Cheung 11p, Julian Lau 10r, Rich Luu 9r.

rec: dtf 56, the city 51… Sam Lam 23p, Derrick Leong 17p 8r 4a 4s, Anthony Ngo 5a. Randall Young 18p, Andrew Kim 17p, Marc Young 7r 4s.