Bird’s Eye View Schedule for 1/16/2011

THU 1/13 (9:00PM) — Finally done. Scroll down. Please review the byes and special requests on the right side of the table.

THU 1/13 (5:15PM) — The scorekeeping staff in Oakland is soooo complicated!! Still working on it. But SF and SJ are done. Only problem is, I can’t show just tipoffs for those, it’s all or nothing. So I will just say that these are the start times:

  • MDLS 10:00am
  • ISAH 11:30am
  • JLHS 1:00pm
  • PHHS 1:30pm

Then you can extrapolate your tipoff from there, if you are an SF or SJ team. I repeat: SF and SJ tipoffs are done! Just can’t really post them explicitly yet — meaning, I will not be changing these SF/SJ tipoffs.

Again, still working on OAK! What a pain! Had no idea. Mo Scorekeepers (who play on 3 teams yeah that means you Freddie LOL), Mo Problems!

THU 1/13 (12:30PM) — Here’s another draft, but I spent most of the morning trying to find a backup gym, which I found, for TFRC (PCRC it is). I also moved a game from OAK to SF. Please note, although you may be listed at a particular gym, I could very well move you to another gym in the same city.

I still have a lot of work to do with the scorekeeping staff, particularly in OAK where so many of our scorekeepers play in the league, so I’m afraid — as in every season for the past X number of seasons — the Week #1 schedule below will not be set in stone until probably tonight or, worse, late night. Sorry about that.

That being said, the PCRC/BCRC/IJRC would probably see the most movement in the next draft, whereas the SF and SJ games will probably just stay near where they are, barring complicated overlaps of players on 2 teams, which doesn’t appear to be too complicated per the Overlap list right now.

Bear in mind, I wish as much as you do to not have to delay publishing the schedule. Every season it’s a struggle though, with gyms being closed or what not, or scorekeepers not being available. So I think for Week #2 and onward, the usual Thursday morning posting will probably have to suffice, as it has for many years.

THU 1/13 (8:00AM) — Here’s the first draft of the schedule for this Sun 1/16. It has not been vetted for scorekeeping staff playing on various teams, as well as the Overlap list on the right hand side. You can also reconcile the Special Request list with the Make Special Request page (use the League Navigator widget in the RH column to get there).

Note: the pref1 and pref2 columns represent the tipoff timeframe or specific preference for this week for each team, respectively, left to right. The ones in red are of utmost conflict, where we likely had to use the 3pm midpoint rule. As I mentioned in the emails to the captains, I would be purposely trying to get teams with opposite timeframes but in the same division, started with complexities, the earlier done, the better.

That’s one of the things about Dream League. We make ourselves a bit more flexible to play against teams more suited to our competition. Otherwise we’re all playing in the times we want, but the teams that are in the times you want range wildly in competitiveness. Not so in Dream League.

See gym abbreviations and locations under the table. I’ve left out tipoffs on purpose, but here are probable start times: MDLS morning, ISAH morning, TFRC midday, BCRC late morning, IJRC late morning, JLHS midday, PHHS early afternoon.

Btw, we will be posting separate articles like this for each week’s schedule build-up to Sunday.

The final version should be up by Thursday (today) afternoon.


NOTE: If you see blank rows in the table below, there are errors; if so, please disregard the table and email me immediately.

Date Tipoff Gym Div Matchup pref1 pref2
1/16 10:00am MDLS a/r-sf SF Free Agents at Wolverines 10a-3p 10a-4p
1/16 11:00am MDLS rec-sf Rothstein & Kass at SFFD 9a–2p 9a-2p
1/16 12:00pm MDLS aaa-sf Poorcats at SF Warriors AAA 10a-8p 12p-7p
1/16 1:00pm MDLS 6ft-osf FTA at Falcons 11a-4p 12p-p-
1/16 2:00pm MDLS 6ft-osf Blitzkrieg at Too Short 10a-3p 2p–7p
1/16 3:00pm MDLS aaa-sf Jumpmen at Frisco’s Finest 3p–8p 10a-3p
1/16 4:00pm MDLS rec-sf CHiPs at All Show No Go 12p-5p 1p–6p
1/16 5:00pm MDLS a/r-sf SF Warriors A/R at ABC Hawks 4p 11a-5p
1/16 6:00pm MDLS AL/NL at Laggers 5p–p- 10a-p-
1/16 11:30am ISAH AL/NL All Day at Good Sires 10a-3p 9a–6p
1/16 12:30pm ISAH a/r-sf P4L at Full Tilt 10a-3p 12p-5p
1/16 1:30pm ISAH aaa-sf Bay Area Ballers at Elite (SF) 11a-4p 12p-6p
1/16 2:30pm ISAH a/r-sf NX Level AllStars at Motionz 9a–2p 2p–7p
1/16 3:30pm ISAH aaa-sf Juggernauts at Underdogs 11a-3p 3p–5p
1/16 4:30pm ISAH rec-sf Royals at Heat 2p–7p 3p–p-
1/16 5:30pm ISAH AL/NL Rangers at Marin All-Stars (<2p) 9a–2p
1/16 12:00pm PCRC rec-am Dream AM at Lao Ru AM 9a–1p 9a–1p
1/16 1:00pm PCRC rec-am Huskies at Hawks 9a–2p 9a–2p
1/16 2:00pm PCRC rec-pm Hyperducks at Dream PM 2p–7p 2p–7p
1/16 3:00pm PCRC aaa-oak Oakboyz II Men at Shottas 9a–2p 4p–p-
1/16 4:00pm PCRC rec-pm JS23 at Mix Team (>3p) 10a-p-
1/16 10:30am BCRC a/r-oak Dream A/R at Jizz 9a–2p 11a-4p
1/16 11:30am BCRC rec-am Kryptonite at AWA 11a-2p 9a–2p
1/16 12:30pm BCRC rec-am SULD at Lights Out 11a-3p 9a–1p
1/16 1:30pm BCRC rec-am Young Gunners at Redhawks 9a–2p 11a-4p
1/16 2:30pm BCRC 6ft-osf Wolves at Sqad Up 12p-2p 1p–6p
1/16 3:30pm BCRC a/r-oak SQ at Marin-lossal 9a–a- 4p–4p
1/16 4:30pm BCRC a/r-oak Dragon at Make It Drizzle 10a-3p 3p–p-
1/16 5:30pm BCRC rec-pm Minions at Lao Ru PM 4p–p- 2p–p-
1/16 6:30pm BCRC aaa-oak ReDream Team at Out Of Retirement 4p–p- 1p-3p,6p+
1/16 7:30pm BCRC 6ft-osf Beast at Eastbay Elite (>630p) 4p–p-
1/16 11:00am IJRC rec-am Richmond Bomberz at What Would Wat Do 11a-4p <11a
1/16 12:00pm IJRC rec-am Warriors Rec at Hoop Squad 9a–2p 11a-a-
1/16 1:00pm IJRC aaa-oak Wolfpack at 93 Til Infinity 9a–2p (1p ok)
1/16 2:00pm IJRC a/r-oak Undrafted at EBAYC 11a-5p 10a-3p
1/16 3:00pm IJRC aaa-oak Janitors at City Select 1p–1p 2p–7p
1/16 4:00pm IJRC rec-pm Rawkats at Starting 8 4p–p- 3p–4p
1/16 5:00pm IJRC rec-pm EFC Berkeley at Tone Team 3p–8p 4p–p-
1/16 6:00pm IJRC rec-pm Top Flight at Purple Haze 4p–p- 3p–p-
1/16 7:00pm IJRC AL/NL Trybe at Dom A Nation 2p–8p 4p–p-
1/16 1:00pm JLHS a/r-sj Below The Net at Pineapple Express 1p–6p 1p–7p
1/16 2:00pm JLHS 6ft-sj Running Rams at SJ Barons 10a-12p (2p-6p)
1/16 3:00pm JLHS 6ft-sj Buckets at San Jose Hibachi 6FT 9a–2p 2p–7p
1/16 4:00pm JLHS a/r-sj One Team One Dream at Work In Progress 12p-2p 4p–p-
1/16 5:00pm JLHS a/r-sj Gentlemen’s Club at Drastic 9a–p- 4p–p-
1/16 6:00pm JLHS a/r-sj F’n’F Warriors at Search And Destroy 12p-5p 3p–8p
1/16 7:00pm JLHS a/r-sj Yeah Man at Blazers 12p-p- 3p–p-
1/16 1:30pm PHHS 6ft-sj In10City at Gotm 10a-3p 9a–2p
1/16 2:30pm PHHS 6ft-sj Beechwood at Elite (SJ) 9a–2p 3p–8p
1/16 3:30pm PHHS aaa-sj Riptide at Shohoku 3p–p- 10a-4p
1/16 4:30pm PHHS 6ft-sj Basketballs Of Fury at Renegades (>430p) 4p–8p
1/16 5:30pm PHHS aaa-sj East Bay Gunners at Sly 3p–p- 3p–8p

NOTE: Games in bold cannot be swapped or otherwise moved or changed.


1/16 6ft-sj BBOF >430p
1/16 a/r-sf YMam =bye
1/16 a/r-oak Grey =bye
1/16 6ft-osf Bst >630p
1/16 rec-pm JS23 >3p
1/16 rec-pm AOB >630p BYE
1/16 6ft-sj SJB 1p
1/16 AL/NL iPE >4p

AL/NL Tryb | aaa-oak 93TI (A.Park)
AL/NL Tryb | 6ft-osf SqUp (VJ, JB)
AL/NL MAS | a/r-oak Mrls (N.Vu)
AL/NL iPE | aaa-sf Jugg (LJM)
AL/NL Rngr | rec-sf KTB (J.Siao) BYE
aaa-sj SJHA | 6ft-sj SJH6 (all) BYE
aaa-sf Poor | a/r-sf SFFA (R.Twu)
aaa-oak RDrT | 6ft-osf SqUp (Somthy)
aaa-oak RDrT | rec-am DAM (W.Yuen)
6ft-osf THO | a/r-sf NxLv (T.Tran) BYE
6ft-osf Wlvs | a/r-oak Jizz (PS, S.Vo)
6ft-osf Bst | a/r-oak Grey (M.Chin) BYE
6ft-sj ESJ | a/r-sj BTN (H.Nguyen)
a/r-oak Mrls | rec-pm GrpS (T.Mai) BYE
a/r-oak DrAR | rec-am DrAM (D.Hui, MY)
a/r-oak DrAR | rec-am Huff (A.Wan) BYE
a/r-oak Grey | rec-am YGun (L.Maw) BYE
Secondary overlaps
AL/NL Dom | a/r-oak Mrls (T.Xiong)
aaa-oak RDrT | a/r-oak DrAR (AT,MY)
6ft-osf SqUp | aaa-oak 93TI (2-3 guys)
6ft-osf SqUp | a/r-oak SQ (C.Saechao, J.Phan)
6ft-osf SqUp | rec-pm LRPM (J.Vongdara)

BYES FOR 1/16 (*-natural)
AL/NL: (none)
aaa-sj: Cali’s Finest at SJ Hibachi AAA
aaa-sf: (none)
aaa-oak: Purefoods*
6ft-sj: HVY RSNL*
6ft-osf: Hangover*
a/r-sj byes: River Of Life Christian Church
a/r-sf byes: Money Shooters at Yellow Mamba
a/r-oak byes: Grey Goose at Kurruption
rec-am bye: Huff And Puff*
rec-pm bye: A.O.B. at Grape Soda
rec-sf byes: Kiss The Baby at Rebels

DOUBLEHEADERS FOR 1/16 (*-natural)

ISAH = ISA High School, enter back pkg lot at 19th St and Carolina, SF (going to front of school no good)
MDLS = Mission Dolores School, 3371 16th St (on corner Church St), SF, big parking lot thru gate via Church next to gym

JLHS = James Lick High School, 57 North White Rd, San Jose
PHHS = Piedmont Hills High School, 1377 Piedmont Rd, San Jose (use backlot by portables)
YBHS = Yerba Buena High School, 1855 Lucretia Avenue, San Jose

IJRC = Ira Jinkins Rec Center, 9175 Edes Ave, Oakland
BCRC = Bushrod Rec Center, 560 59th St. off Telegraph (not Shattuck!), Oakland (near Berkeley)
TFRC = Tassafaronga Rec Center, 975 85th Avenue, Oakland, CA 94621
PCRC = Poplar Community Rec Center, 3131 Union Street, Emeryville, CA 94608